So You Want to be Rich One Day? Here’s How…

by Aniyah Gaffney 

You’ve ever sat down and wondered how it would feel to be rich? All your hopes, dreams, and goals could be achieved if you had that kind of money, right? Perhaps you might want to own a house one day. Or buy your own car and pay it off. Or maybe you want to become a millionaire one day! All of that can be achieved if you just achieve one thing. Just one skill! And that’s financial literacy. 

Financial literacy means that you have the skills, abilities, and understanding on making effective finances choices. Financial choices can range from learning how to budget, and credit versus debit, to financial resources and more. Overall, learning about this and ways to increase your financial literacy can make reaching your financial goals a whole lot easier.


A budget is a financial plan that usually has a specific time period. For instance, you can set up a budget on spending money each month. Or perhaps a year. Budgets usually include plans on prioritizing your spending on bills, food, technology, or maybe recreational activities. Also, budgets can include a specific “target,” or limit, depending on income and paycheck. For example, setting the goal of spending only 40% of your paycheck on bills, etc. Leaving the remaining amount for savings on more important matters. Like retirement or vacationing. Overall, you want to pick up on the skill of budgeting, so you can better prioritize your saving and spending. 

Credit Versus Debit 

You may have been hearing the terms “credit” or “debit” a lot as you’re learning about a job, or opening a bank account. And just to go over this, credit in simpler words, is money that the bank allows you to receive, and they’ll usually do it through a “credit line,” or “credit card,” something you’ve probably heard before. And eventually, you’re going to have to pay that money back to the bank. However, debit in simpler words, is money that you own. It’s yours to spend. Usually that money would come from paychecks or other sort of deposits. A “debit card” would be a card you use to make transactions with the money you have. You don’t have to pay anyone back with that money. It’s completely yours to spend. And when it comes to choosing which one to use and when, just ask your parents! Or do some research. Everyone’s experience is different. But for me, I started with a debit card. 

Financial Resources: Junior Achievement 

And now, I want to get in another very helpful way to increase your financial literacy and to eventually learn how to be rich one day. Or at least financially well off. And that is with Junior Achievement’s Financial Literacy Camp.  iThriveHer has partnered with Junior Achievement to bring forth this new experience and opportunity, representing underrepresented girls for an interactive and innovative place where they can get the financial literacy tools they need for the future. JA’s Camp will happen August 4th, to August 20th. And this camp will overall be self paced, and a great way for highschool and middle school girls to have a financial learning experience. So you don’t have to worry about heavy workshops or seminars. Just have fun and learn something new! There will also be a JA Budgeting Simulation Game that you guys can design and interact with, so stay tuned for that! To learn more about the opportunity, visit iThriveHer’s company website at, or for more details. And also visit iThriveHer’s website and Instagram page @ithriveher for more opportunities that can increase your knowledge of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and the betterment and preparation for young girls and their future careers. To register, visit

Overall, learning about financial leadership can be quite simple. Yes, learning more about finances and managing your money may not come as easy, but with the help of this blog, hopefully you have understood or at least grasped knowledge on financial literacy, a great way of being financially well off and taken care of! 

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